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Who We Are

Igbo Translator Professional was born out of passion for languages and the desire to revive and preserve Igbo language. Igbo Translator Pro was founded in the year 2015. In order for Igbo language not to go into extinction more people who are willing to choose this path as a career are needed to preserve Igbo language, Igbo Translator Pro have noticed a drastic decline in demands for Igbo language and a non-availability of Igbo translators to fill in the gap, many do not like to be known as an Igbo Translator, or take up translation service as a profession even well trained Igbo linguist, they look down on this field of profession because of the irregularities in income, lack of steady work, low income flow etc.

Because of this, many of them have ventured into other career path and have completely forgotten about translation service. These scarcities of qualified Igbo linguist have affected the industry. Igbo Translator Pro have awaken that desire and to draw more resources to fill this gap of sustaining Igbo language while fulfilling our goal and mission. The burning desire to bridge the communication gap and cultural indifference has been our motivation to continue. Igbo language like other Nigerian major languages such as; Hausa and Yoruba has come to stay and be relevant in global market; this is one of the major reasons Igbo Translator Pro was born.

We are high spirited, zealous and passionate professional remote Igbo linguist, who have come to build a formidable force in the translation industry, and be known for her passion, quality and professionalism in handling translation projects or task. .

About Igbo Translator Pro founder - UZUEGBU BLESSING

The founder and CEO of Igbo Translator Pro is Uzuegbu Blessing, she is a graduate of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Her interest in linguistic started back in her undergraduate years, she had friends who were linguist studying foreign languages like German, French, Spanish and English language etc.

She picked interest and started learning these languages from them and from there her interest in linguistics grew even stronger. She participated in all their departmental activities and had so much fun. When she graduated she decided to venture into language as a profession in her native language. Why she chose Igbo language was because it was her mother tongue and secondly Igbo language was gradually going into extinction and losing its relevance in the global market.

She started solely as an Igbo translator to revive and preserve her mother tongue, she came in with this passion to become a full time freelance Igbo translator and to choose it as a career path, it was the best decision she had ever made. She was the best Igbo pupil during her college days; she understood very well the Igbo grammatical rules, diacritics, spellings and expression.

She had an outstanding result in Igbo language in her WAEC final examination. She started as a freelance Igbo translator in the year 2015, Proz was a great resource for her as she attended lots of webinars that gave her a good head start, through these rigorous training she became highly skilled in translation, transcription, subtitling, localization and over the phone interpretation.

She has worked with lots of multilingual agencies in various countries like Nigeria, US, UK, Europe, Egypt, Kenya, Australia etc. She have accomplished so many projects in various filed of expertise such as Legal, Education, Healthcare, Marketing, IT, Business, Telecommunication, food and nutrition, Religion, Media, Multimedia. She has completed atleast 300 projects since the inception of her career.

She is a meticulous translator who care so much about quality of her translations; she is a woman of integrity who does not only care about the income but sending the right message across and protecting her image and preserving her mother tongue. Some of the features of her translations are: They sound natural, they are understandable and easy to read, they convey source meaning into target with the right tone, they mirror the source text and they are customized to reach target audience. Over the years she have proven track record of excellence in translation and quality. She is a Google certified Igbo translator.