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Igbo Language

Igbo language is one of the official languages spoken in Nigeria, we have three major languages and different dialect, the most prominent and recognized languages in Nigeria are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. There are over 500 native languages spoken in Nigeria such as Fulfulde, Ibibio, Kanuri, Tiv, Edo, Igala, Ika, Nupe, Annang, Efik etc Igbo’s constituents over 18-20 million people in population. Nigeria is located in West Africa and share land border with Benin, Cameroon and Niger. Nigeria is known as the birthplace of human history, it is the most populous country in Africa and is known as “Giant of Africa”, it is also known as the eight most populous countries in the world.

Usage and Dialect

There are numerous dialects in Igbo language, the standard written form of Igbo is based on Owerri(Isuama) and Umuahia(Ohuhu) dialects from Imo State and has being in use since 1962. In Nigeria Igbo language is spoken in major parts of Eastern States such as Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Benue states and some parts of Delta and Rivers states. Some related Igboid languages are Ika and Ogba are sometimes considered dialects of Igbo language, in these places Igbo language is still refers to as “Asusu Igbo” and retains most of Igbo words and Idiomatic expression. Igbo Izugbe is the acceptable standard of written form of Igbo language; this was adopted to solve the problem of the use of various dialect in formal writing in Igbo language, any formal written language form of Igbo must adhere strictly to Igbo Izugbe standard, that is why in Igbo Translator Professional we follow strictly the Igbo Izugbe form of writing in our translations.

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