English to Igbo Translation Service

English to Igbo Translation Service

We handle all English source text ranging from English (US), English (UK), English (Canada), English (Austria) English (Nigeria), English (South Africa), English (Ghana), English (Kenya) etc Into Igbo language. We handle both technical translation and non-technical field, general, legal/law, healthcare, marketing, media, finance, business, telecommication etc We work with all Microsoft suite such as Ms word file, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint etc We make use of Trados 2017, 2014, WordFast Pro 5, Matecat , Smartcat, etc CAT Tools for our translations.

Igbo to English Translation Service

We provide back translation services from Igbo into English language. Our translators have in-depth knowledge of back translation services and deliver high quality output in English language that mirror source text and convey message.

English to Pidgin English Translation Service

We provide Pidgin English translation services from English (US), English (UK) and English (Nigeria) into Pidgin English. Our translators handle so many field of expertise such as marketing content, TV script, advert placement and broadcasting, Radio script, telecommunication and all forms of media content. We handle both audio transcription and document translation services.

Pidgin to English Translation Services

We provide Pidgin to English translation services of audio file, whatsapp messages, and all investigative channels or any document form to be translated from Pidgin English into English.

English to Nigerian Localization Services

We provide localization services from English(US), English (UK), English (Australia) and English (Canada) to Nigerian English, we also provide research and brand name suitability and adaptability check to Nigerians, we handle all forms of document ranging from questionnaire, media, business, IT, telecommunication and electronics etc. Our teams are very versatile in various fields; we possess top notch skill in localization to English Nigeria.