Transcription and Translation service

  • Translation: We offer translation of various documents ranging from Education, legal, healthcare, business, IT, telecommunication, media, marketing, advertisement, religion and so on.
  • Transcription: We convert audio file to written text, we also offer close captioning and transcription with stamp code and subtitling.
  • Interpretation: We offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting; we do both onsite and online interpreting.
  • Voice over: We do voice over in both Igbo and English African accent voice. We provide voice over for young adult voice both male and female.
  • Subtitling: We offer subtitle services for both Igbo and English language.
  • Localization: We offer localization service for Nigerian English from UK, US and Australian English to Nigerian English.
  • Brand name check: We check for company’s brand name for suitability and adaptability for Nigerians.
  • Consulting: We offer consultation services for those seeking to reach Nigerian audience.
  • Legal:

    We handle all kinds of legal documents ranging from patent law, taxation and custom, contracts etc. Our services ranges from technical to general


    We translate all kinds of educational document/materials ranging from kindergarten, middle college, upper college, tertiary institution, IEP translation, letters, memo, notice, memorandum etc. .


    We take care of all kinds of healthcare documents translation needs in various areas such as healthcare awareness creation, pandemic awareness such as COVID-19, Ebola, Lassa fever, Flu etc patients report, doctor’s prescription , hospitals etc.


    We handle all kinds of business documents, financial report, statement, bank report, business profile, business advert, business website etc.


    We handle all media content such as advertisement for radio and television, podcast, audio files, voice over script, movie script etc.


    We take care of all kinds of marketing contents in various sectors or industry mainly for media purpose.


    We handle all kinds of IT related content documents translations, ranging from data, voice, video ,images computer software, computer hardware, Phone, IU and services etc.


    We handle church all kinds of Christian religious documents such as sermons/messages, programs, letters/notification, bulletin, magazine, audio messages and any other religions services translation. .

    Banking and Finance

    We handle all kinds of banking and finance documents; we deliver translations that mirror source text bearing in mind the tone of the translations.


    We handle all kinds of telecommunication translations need ranging from Tv script, Radio script, magazines etc..

    Food and Nutrition:

    We handle all kinds of food and nutrition translation needs, ranges from food industry content, food production company content, Agricultural content, manufacturing content, food industry processing content, food and nutrition marketing content etc .